Student Experiences

“From the moment you start speaking with Helen you can just tell that she cares. She spent the time to help me not only understand why I was pronouncing words with an accent, but also worked with me to say things correctly. Written words can’t capture the Joy I had when I could finally speak in way so that people weren’t frustrated when I spoke. I’m no longer embarrassed to talk with native English speakers and I owe it all to Helen. I can’t recommended her enough – 10 stars!” – A.D., Manager, Massachusetts (Native language: Russian)

“I had the pleasure of working with Helen Kobek on accent correction, as well as improving my business language, for about 2 years. She is just so terrific! As a non-native English speaker, I used to have an issue with speaking in meetings and in public because I was afraid that people would make fun of my accent or English when I speak. If you have the same problem as I did, Helen’s lesson will definitely help you. The classes are low-key but definitely informative. We usually started with some casual conversation and she would give me feedback about my accent and language. She would keep the problems I had on track in future lessons until she made sure that I got rid of bad habits. Over time, it definitely helped me improve my confidence in public speaking and having conversations with professionals. I recently landed a full-time job in Boston and I couldn’t have done it without her help.” – R.K., Data Analyst, Massachusetts (Native language: Mandarin)

Helen is an amazing and talented teacher. She has a lot of years of experience, and various methods of explaining to you things you are having a challenge understanding. Classes with her greatly improved my pronunciation, and, as a side effect, even my English grammar got better. I can’t thank her enough and I wish her all the best in the future.” –  D.T., Project Analyst, Massachusetts (Native language: Kasakstanian)

“Before I started studying with Helen, I felt insecure. I knew that in every situation where I was speaking English, I was going to feel stressed. After just a couple of months people noticed the difference! And it got better from there. Now, it is very rare for someone to ask me to repeat myself. Even more, rarely is the first question someone asks me is, ‘Where do you come from?’ It’s a relief.” – P.B., healthcare worker, Massachusetts (Native language: Russian)

“I have never had such professional lessons…Your encouraging words mean a lot to me as do your detailed and complete review of my speech patterns.” – B. C., counselor, Massachusetts (Native language: Italian)

“Helen’s approach is finely tuned, while being surprisingly relaxed and, actually fun. People at work heard a difference in my speech within a month of starting lessons with Helen. There is hope!” – A. P., medical professional, Massachusetts (Native language: Spanish)

Thank you for helping me, Helen, more than 10 years ago. People now think I grew up in the U.S.!” M.T., Teacher, Massachusetts (Native language: Bulgarian)

“I honestly think I’d have lost my job if I hadn’t been taught by Helen. I’d taken classes, studied with a few other tutors, but none of that was specific or specialized enough to help me make the changes I needed to make. I knew the grammar…I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong with pronunciation. And she helped me in a professional way, sincerely interested in my learning and progress. I’d recommend Helen to anyone.” K.M., researcher, Massachusetts (Native language: French)

“It was hard for me to start accent lessons. I was pretty nervous and I didn’t think it would help. I was a little stubborn with her at the beginning, because I thought it wouldn’t help. But Helen was patient and kept supporting me. I’ve made a lot of progress with my pronunciation, so I’m glad I stayed with it.” R.L., software engineer, Massachusetts (Native language: Mandarin)

“Helen is the best English pronunciation teacher I have ever had. She figures out just the right way of getting me to move my mouth so I make the sound right. Sometimes I’m so surprised when it comes out right, but it gives me hope, each class I learn new things and make progress towards my goals. Personally, I want people to understand me easily, and I’m getting there with Helen’s help.” P.C., customer service representative, Massachusetts (Native language: German)

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