Best Accent Modification Tutoring


All lessons take place online via Zoom.

Helen Kobek - Boston Accent Modification Instructor

   “Can you say that again?”

                    “I’m sorry – I didn’t get that!”

                  “What did you say?”

Are you tired of hearing people say these things? Or, worse yet, seeing people smile, pretending to understand what you are saying?  You have important things to communicate, your work requires clear, dependable  communication, but  people so often just don’t understand you. You know the grammar, but your accent gets in the way. You’re so competent, you’re so eager in your work, it’s just terribly unfair that this is holding you back,

It doesn’t have to stay this way. You can change this. My accent modification instruction will get you where you need to go: to being understood all the time. Or, if you need or want to sound like someone born and raised in this country, we can get you there, too.

One-on-one lessons start with a skillful assessment of your speech patterns, identifying the primary speech sounds (phonemes) you need to change in order to become understood all the time. Each lesson consists of individualized training, practice guidance tailored to your speech needs. I will guide you every step of the way, from diphthongs to standard American “R”s, from syllable stress to a comfortable melody. I will help you hear the differences in sounds so you can produce those sounds you need to make.

“But why one-on-one? Why not in a class with other students?” People often ask me this question. It’s because accent modification is a highly detailed process, checking and changing so many pieces of speech production: How forward your tongue is, how high your tongue is, where is your tongue in relation to the roof of your mouth, your lower teeth, your upper teeth, the back of your mouth? Oftentimes I can hear exactly where your tongue is, and sometimes I just need to check visually, and then instruct you on adjusting it…sometimes just a few millimeters. That is not at all possible to do in a lesson with even one other student. Having one-on-one lessons allows you to make progress much faster than even in a small class. Also, you are likely to have some “idiosyncrasies” about your speech that need particular attention, which, again, would be hard to attend to in a lesson with other students.

Contact me to talk about what we can do together, to help you be understood all the time.

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