Boston area Accent Modification Instruction – students’ comments

“Before I started studying with Helen, I felt very insecure. I knew that in every situation where I was speaking English, I was going to feel stressed. After just a couple of months people noticed the difference! And it got better from there. Now, it is very rare for someone to ask me to repeat myself. Even more, rarely is the first question someone asks me is, “Where do you come from?” It’s a big relief.” – P.B., Healthcare Worker, Massachusetts (native language, Russian)

“I have never had such professional lessons… Your encouraging words mean a lot to me as do your detailed and complete review of my speech patterns.” – B. C. Counselor, Massachusetts (native language, Italian)

“Helen’s approach is finely tuned, while being surprisingly relaxed and, actually fun. People at work heard a difference in my speech within a month of starting lessons with Helen. There is hope!” – A. P., Medical professional, Massachusetts (native language, Spanish)

Thank you for helping me, Helen, more than 10 years ago. People now think I grew up in the U.S.!” M.T., Teacher, Massachusetts (native language, Bulgarian)


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