English Pronunciation: Modify – don’t eliminate!

“I want to have no foreign accent at all,” I often hear new students say. It makes sense that anyone who has trouble being understood would think they need to get rid of their non-Standard American accent in order to be understood, but it’s really not true at all. You can be understood all the time and still have your accent, your culture, your own voice. I love different accents – accents reflect who we are, where we come from, what our lives are like. A variety of accents in our world makes this world more interesting.

So, as we move along in accent modification (English pronunciation) lessons, the we emphasize working on the sounds that make you understood, tweaking the sounds that get in the way. We assess as we go along, we shift our techniques as you improve. And you do improve Рover a short period of time, you notice people are asking you to repeat yourself less and less. This is very gratifying. Your confidence builds. You know that, when you open your mouth, it will be easier and easier.

Of course, if you absolutely MUST get to a place of sounding Standard American (perhaps you aspire to be a radio announcer with certain characteristics, or your workplace insists on it), we can get you there, too.